Company Profile
Iriflex Ltd. was founded in 1996 by the late Guy Shem Tov.
The company Iriflex is engaged in the production, supply and installation of cat's eyes / retroreflectors. Iriflex maintains high standards of product quality, service, execution and consultancy.
The products of Iriflex undergo strict testing and are approved by the Inter-Office Council for Assessment of Traffic and Safety Norms.


Iriflex products meet all specifications according to the new specification, including load tests. The level of retroreflection exceeds the requirements of the USA Norm.
At our disposal a variety of "cat's eyes", according to the customer's requirements and our consultancy (solar, gluing and insertion). We supply the retroreflectors nationwide, including installation when needed.


Among our customers:
MOD, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd, Open Traffic Ltd, Netivey Hamifratz Ltd, Safe Routes Ltd, The Safe Road Ltd, Kavim Public Transportation Ltd, Elkayam Road Marking Ltd, Mezuda, New Way Ltd, Israel National Roads Company, Road 2 Project, Road 431 Project, Kibbutzim, Councils, Municipalities, The Palestinian Authority, Infrastructures of routes Lanes, etc.       


Annual installation: over 150,000


Advantages of the IRIFLEX marker:

  1. Easy to work with
  2. Very massive
  3. Retroreflection exceeding the requirements of USA Norm
  4. Does not drop after installation.
  5. Cannot be drawn out after installation.
In order to prevent erroneous installation, Iriflex complements each installation bag with the installation instructions for the perusal of the fitters and site supervisors.
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